Smart Building Projects

From primary schools to global companies, CILS is transforming customer workspaces into smarter,
safer and cleaner environments. CILS has completed hundreds of successful
installations – here is a feature of our recent case studies.

Icknield Primary School
The Icknield Primary School project falls under the Luton Council decarbonisation works implemented by CILS UK on behalf of the main project contractor – Siemens. ...
Siemens House – UK Headquarters
In 2019, Siemens UK made the Sir William Siemens House in Manchester their new headquarters. Siemens running its UK operation from Manchester is seen as great help ...
Luton Borough Council – PSDS Works
A modern, cosmopolitan town, Luton is one the most vibrant multicultural communities in the country. With its people at the heart each Luton Council decision ...
NHS Wigan Hospital Trust
Our work with NHS Wigan is a rolling project. Our initial brief was to install an intelligent wireless smart controls system infrastructure to set the groundwork for maximising energy savings, ...
Siemens Newcastle
CILS enabled Siemens, Newcastle to achieve dramatic energy savings and improved comfort conditions by implementing IoT systems, smart sensors and LED lighting ...
Inspire Sports Village
Inspire Sports Village is home to one of the UK’s premier swimming facilities. Its Olympic diving pool is 1 of 11 specialist diving centres in the UK, and it’s the ...
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