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About Sir William Siemens House
Siemens House – UK Headquarters

In 2019, Siemens UK made the Sir William Siemens House in Manchester their new headquarters.

Siemens running its UK operation from Manchester is seen as great help to close the productivity gap between North and South and transforming the economy for the better.

As part of the refurbishment, Siemens wanted to modernise the HQ and bring their office building in line with ambitions of net zero by 2030.

Client Challenges

    Siemens UK HQ challenges were:

    1. Reducing its energy consumption and carbon emissions. The existing lighting was predominantly compact fluorescent and T5 tube lights. The lights were always on – from 7am-10pm, each working day.
      The outdated lighting system wasted energy and was expensive to maintain.
    2. Improving staff wellbeing and comfort. Low-quality lighting can cause discomfort – eye strain, headaches, etc – impacting staff wellbeing and productivity.Siemens House – UK HeadquartersSiemens House – UK Headquarters
    CILS Project Objective

    CILS’s objective was to deliver substantial lighting energy and carbon savings.

    To achieve this, we designed and implemented new efficient LED lighting system for Siemens UK HQ, consisting of three floors in Sir William Siemens House.

    Our secondary objective was to improve the office environment for staff.

    Up to 89%

    energy saved on lighting

    Maximised savings

    intelligent lighting uses least amount of energy for optimal light level

    Improved comfort

    with perfect light levels, minimal glare and no flicker increases office staff wellbeing and productivity

    case study

    Siemens is leading the way towards carbon neutrality. They’ve made a firm commitment to be net-zero by 2030. This includes all Siemens production facilities and buildings worldwide.

    We are proud to have supported Siemens in this by significantly improving their UK headquarter energy efficiency and reducing their lighting carbon emissions by 89%.


    The new lights consume up to 89% less energy.

    Our re-design optimised the lighting for most comfortable staff experience in each room.

    For example, we

    • reduced the number of lights in areas where there were more than needed;
    • only installed high quality LED replacement lights;
    • embedded Enlighted smart sensors into new fittings for additional energy and carbon savings.

    On Enlighted controls system, every light fitting has its own processor, memory and upgradable software. This means the light output is always adjusted to what is optimal.

    This means the lights use about 70% less energy than without controls. This greatly reduces light fitting wear and tear ensuring longevity.

    For Siemens, it was also important that the HQ provides ideal working environment for its treasured staff. Our installation and finetuning ensured the light was seamless – with minimal glare, no flicker and always adjusting for ideal light levels.

    Why CILS

    CILS is a trustworthy energy savings and smart building projects delivery partner of Siemens. CILS has continuously proven itself to deliver the promised savings and work in line with strict restrictions and policies enforced by Siemens.

    Siemens, who owns Enlighted, contracts CILS as their preferred partner for implementing smart building and Internet of Things (IoT) systems – in the UK and Europe.

    How we did it

    We planned our design and installation meticulously around Siemens’ strict policy and site requirements to ensure the highest level of workmanship and no disruption to their operations.

    We carried out works outside of office hours and, at the end of each shift, left no trace of us being there in any area of installation… other than the new smart lighting system.

    Solution highlights:Siemens House – UK Headquarters
    • CILS designed low energy smart LED lighting system across all floors specified in scope of works.
    • The main office areas were designed for 300 lux at working desk height – the most comfortable light level for office work.
    • We embedded Enlighted advanced sensors in each LED fitting. These adjust light in response to number of factors, like presence and daylight, and they record individual fitting energy use.
    • When sensors don’t detect anyone present in its range, the light dims down to 20%. Outside office hours, they turn off completely.
    • The information from sensors is wirelessly fed back to the Energy Manager via Gateways.
    • The Energy Manager translates data into useful graphs and CSV files for data analysis.
    • Chosen staff can adjust the lighting settings via the Energy Manager. Where necessary, they can set to meet individual staff needs.

    Another Project


    Siemens Newcastle: Parsons Works


    Siemens Newcastle: Parsons Works

    CILS enabled Siemens, Newcastle to achieve dramatic energy savings and
    improved comfort conditions. 
    This was done by implementing IoT systems,
    smart sensors and LED lighting.

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