Icknield Primary School

The greenest school in Luton

Project Overview
‘Believe, achieve, succeed’Icknield Primary

Icknield Primary had set themselves a challenge to be the greenest school in Luton. They had already achieved an Eco Schools Green Flag Award and the whole school understands the importance of taking care of their immediate and wider environment.

Their motto, ‘Believe, achieve, succeed’, shines through everything Icknield Primary do: from creating an inspiring learning environment to ambitiously including their whole school, even the youngest 4y-olds, in their sustainability efforts.

Icknield Primary was facing several challenges:

  1. Rising energy costs. After staff costs, energy is the next biggest expenditure for schools and the rise in costs could not be ignored.
  2. The lighting system was outdated – the lighting consumed excessive energy, frequently needed replacing and fixing and the harsh fluorescent lighting was causing eye strain.
  3. The existing boiler was inefficient and reaching the end of its usable life.
  4. Luton Council is committed to decarbonising by 2040 and Icknield Primary needed to support the council.

Lower running costs were intended to be used for new books and eventually a new playground.

Project Objective
CILS objective was to reduce school energy consumption to lower running costs and to support the local Council to achieve their net zero carbon targets. CILS also wanted to help the school improve its teaching and learning environment with better quality light.

Icknield Primary School

Icknield Primary School

To achieve this we designed and implemented a smart LED lighting system, solar panels, and an air-source heat pump.

The lighting savings were immediately verifiable from actual energy reporting of the lighting system – lighting load is down by over 86% compared to the previous installation. We expect the onsite solar energy to offset the remaining lighting load.

With our smart energy reduction solutions, the school has significantly reduced its energy demand and carbon footprint. Among other benefits, this has greatly lessened the impact of recent energy price increases on the school budget.

The staff and pupils alike take great pride in their well-earned title of now being the greenest local school.

86% +

Annual kWh lighting energy reduction with smart LED

Own green energy

65.96 kWp solar arrays generate onsite renewable energy for school own use

Low-carbon heating

New air-source heat pump is times more efficient warming up the school


We’ve always found that everybody that we’ve come into contact with at CILS being very professional. They really listened to what our objectives were for the projects that we’ve had. But also, the fact that you can’t disrupt learning in a school day was really key.

All of the works were done outside of school day. Nobody noticed that any engineers had been in. The classrooms were left really, really tidy as were the corridors. People weren’t aware that we had had work done until they actually looked up and saw, for example, the new lights in the ceilings or the solar panels on our roof.

They have made everything very easy. If there were questions that we had they’ve been answered really quickly and very knowledgeably.

– Joanna Farbon, headteacher

CILS is a trusted lighting and smart building infrastructure contractor and has worked with Luton Council for many years.

When CILS secured Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) funds for Luton Council decarbonisation works, Icknield Primary was delighted to be offered an energy consumption review and upgrade. For implementation CILS worked closely with the school and Siemens, the main project contractor.

Solution implementedIcknield Primary School

CILS implemented the following solutions:

  • 453 LED light fittings with integrated smart controls installed, the old discharge lights were disconnected and disposed of safely
  • Enlighted IoT installed and commissioned for a fine-tuned smart lighting system and future-proof smart infrastructure
  • 65.96 kWp solar panel arrays installed & commissioned on KS1 and KS2 roofs
  • Air source heat pump (ASHP) installed to replace old carbon-intensive pump and decarbonise the school heating system

Another Project


Luton Borough Council – PSDS Works

Luton Borough Council – PSDS Works

Electricity and gas used in non-residential buildings are approximately 24% of emissions in Luton. To improve this, Luton Council needed to improve the energy efficiency of their corporate  buildings.





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