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Protect your budget against rising energy costs by lowering your energy consumption with smart and clean technologies.

Our smart building solutions can be funded in several ways – zero capital service agreement, capital expenditure, or grant funding.

Zero Capital Funding

We can deliver the whole project under a service agreement. We consider this the most beneficial funding option as there is zero capital required from the client; and we aim to structure our proposal, to be cashflow positive from day one.

The service agreement – ‘Smart Buildings as a Service’ (SBaaS) contract, is structured to allow the client to spread the costs of the new technology over an extended period (up to 10 years). Payments would be aligned with the anticipated savings generated, freeing up budgets to spend on other, critical requirements, such as supplies and resources.

The proposed SBaaS contract ties the service provider, CILS, to provide ongoing monitoring, maintenance and replacement work throughout the term of the contract. The client would be compensated if this service is not delivered. Our service will include high quality fittings and technology for optimum, long-term benefits and peace of mind.

Capital Expenditure

A straightforward capital funding option is most suited to someone who has funds readily available and are only concerned with the installation. None of the additional maintenance service guarantees are included in this model. For capital projects, we calculate the payback period of your initial investment into the upgrade; thereafter, energy savings will be budget savings.

Grant Funding

We can also assist our clients applying for grant funding. We’ve secured Luton Borough Council £7.7 million of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme funding for essential work with the borough council. We can tailor our solutions to meet specific funding criteria.

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