Leisure Sector

The sole purpose of this industry is to provide people with a facility to achieve a healthier lifestyle in their hard-earned downtime.

CILS have already helped many clients in this sector, providing comfortable, user-friendly facilities. We’ve transformed sports halls, pools, gyms and studios – across the country.

CILS have completed leisure and sports projects for Active Luton, the University of Oxford, Durham County Council, to name a few.

Each of our leisure sector clients have saved significant amounts of energy and related costs, whilst improving their environmental footprint.

Smart leisure buildings

Our expert team has designed lighting solutions, specifically for swimming and diving competitions. We have upgraded sports halls and indoor courts, to give them perfectly suited light levels.

We’ve installed systems which provide data on the amount of usage studios receive, emergency lights that are self testing, and much more.

All in addition to the huge energy savings made and moving them closer to net zero.

Want to hear from our leisure sector clients directly?

Active Luton, a Community Wellbeing Trust that runs Inspire Sports Village, are sharing their experience with us in this short video.

Lower energy costs from lighting

LED lighting greatly lowers costs and, combined with Internet of Things (IoT) controls and smart sensors, automatically adjusts light levels to occupancy and daylight settings.

Save on heating and cooling

Realise significant savings using smart sensors, to automatically reduce heating or cooling demand in unoccupied spaces.

These additional benefits can be delivered via software rather than hardware changes. Heating controls, for example, can be accessed via a mix of Enlighted plug load controllers for local electric fan heating and smart TRV controls for radiators.

Decarbonised heating

Integrate decarbonised heating systems such as air source heat pumps, to reduce your CO2 emissions and efficiently heat indoor swimming pools.

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce the need of constantly changing lamps with the installation of LED lighting. Using smart sensors, match your cleaning schedules to space and occupancy.

Improve the leisure environment

Optimise light and temperature in swimming pools, gyms and sports halls, to create comfortable environments for members, staff and visitors – all year round.

Utilisation of space, real-time

Identify occupied/unoccupied areas, for energy savings and safety; use the data-driven information provided to determine the best use of space.

Solar PV

Generate your own electricity to lower the cost of energy and demonstrate that your leisure facility is committed to achieving net zero.

Create valuable data-driven insight

Smart sensors and IoT systems go way beyond reducing energy consumption. Data can also be used to contact trace occupants or locate missing assets, with a real-time map of the building.

See our leisure sector case study

Inspire Sports Village

Inspire Sports Village

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