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We’re an unusual team and we have attracted great talent from across all sectors and countries.

Above all else, we care about the environment, the future of our next generation and achieving net zero – as fast as possible.

Each senior member of the team chose to leave a secure and successful career in order to pursue what, we believe, would benefit every one of us – not just ourselves.

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CILS analyse, plan and design,
improve and prove,
then implement light and power solutions,
so that our clients,
busy running complex and important facilities,
can be utterly confident about the sustainable future of their buildings.

We are knowledgeable, practical and ardent

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We begin with gathering the necessary information to estimate where the biggest savings lie, within the building. We analyse client energy bills, half-hourly data, and operational hours. We model the consumption profile to assess exactly when and where most energy is used.

Our survey team will then carry out a physical survey and a laser scan of the building(s)… 

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