Smart Controls

Drive down your energy costs, maximise space and comfort.

CILS focus on the energy-efficient running of buildings through the use of smart building technologies.

Advanced smart sensors, deployed throughout a building, detect movement, occupancy, light levels, temperature and power consumption in real-time. These sensors act as controls for lighting and other building systems using this data to maximise energy efficiency, enhance user comfort and drive down space and energy costs.

We embed a smart sensor in each new light fitting. It’s the perfect solution for any larger building – including schools, offices, commercial and industrial buildings – to significantly cut down energy consumption.

Smart Controls

What exactly is a smart building?

A smart building is one where energy use, resource and comfort of the environment are controlled and optimised – via the use of technology.

A typical smart building may use a wide range of existing technologies that are designed into the construction or retrofitted in a way that allows for the integration of future technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, building management systems (BMS), artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR) are some of the mechanisms that may be used in smart buildings to control and optimise its performance via the utilisation of the building services, including lighting, heating, air conditioning, security, etc.

Why choose smart?

Lighting exists in all buildings. It can provide one of the greatest opportunities to create a smart building that is focused on energy efficiency as smart controls save an additional 75% of energy.

A smart building ensures you maximise your operating efficiency whilst improving the experience of people who use the building.


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How do we make your building smart?

CILS use the Enlighted, a Siemens company IoT platform. We embed a smart sensor in each new light fitting. 

This enables capturing information from the sensors to monitor occupancy, temperature, and much more. The data gathered can be analysed to create valuable insight into the building’s performance.

The analytics and data are used to explore and create operating efficiencies, improve people’s experiences, enhance productivity and optimise resource and asset use.

Advanced interoperability also allows other devices and systems within a building or room to be connected. This ensures that everything is monitored through one centralised user interface; effectively creating a building management control system.

  1. Smart Sensors
    The most sophisticated sensor in the industry, a single sensor is as capable to measure lux levels, room temperature, movement, as well as to measure and report the exact amount of energy consumed by the light fitting it controls.
  2. Gateway
    The Gateway relays data captured by the sensors to the Energy Manager for analysis and reporting.
  3. Manage
    The Energy Manager provides the analysis for all data harvested by the Enlighted Smart Sensors. The system also allows for logging in remotely, to troubleshoot any issues or adjust lighting levels.
‘Smart sensors’ collect the data and wirelessly relay it via a smart ‘gateway’ to the ‘energy manager’.
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