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Energy is usually the second biggest expense for education providers. But did you know 90% of the energy wasted by outdated lighting can be saved? See our solutions, designed to minimise your energy and maintenance costs.

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When lives are on the line, the last thing doctors need are failing lights or missing equipment. See how our NHS approved smart building solutions make hospitals safer, more efficient and cost effective. 

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Commercial buildings drive our economy and innovation. Create a more productive and successful office with perfect light, temperature, and other smart solutions like real-time occupancy information.

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Be it an under-lit diving pool, outdated emergency lighting or high energy costs – we have the solutions to make your facilities operate seamlessly and wow your customers.

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Buildings account for a third of UK carbon emissions. The public sector has promised to halve this by 2032. Our low carbon solutions can put public sector buildings there now. 

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Warehouses etc. industrial scale facilities often operate 24/7. You can make your premises extremely energy efficient, cut your energy bills and improve the working conditions.

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