LED Lighting & Solutions

LEDs – the key to driving down your energy consumption and costs

CILS focuses on the energy efficient management of buildings with LED lighting, combined with smart controls, at the core of our solutions. We can also automate your emergency lighting – compliant, energy efficient, fully self-testing and reporting.

Up to 90% of energy used by lights is wasted. We save you this energy with LED lighting and smart sensors.

We’ve done hundreds of installations across all key sectors. And we know exactly how effective our core solution is. Our data shows clearly that lighting upgrades are the key tool in saving energy and costs whilst improving the working environment.


Why LED Lighting?

Advanced Lighting Control

IoT-driven Energy Optimisation

CILS focus not only on the installation of LED lighting throughout your premises, we use the opportunity to integrate smart sensors into each LED, creating wireless ‘smart’ infrastructure for the whole building.  This ensures:

  1. The lights are never on when no one needs them 
  2. They’ll also dim/brighten up to make the most of the daylight available –you only use what you need; and the lighting will always feel comfortable and natural
  3. No more switching – saving you time
  4. You have the option for further cost-savings with automated emergency lighting
  5. You’re gathering data that helps to optimise your building further –  embedded sensors record energy consumption, light level, temperature and occupancy data for data-driven decision making. As technology advances, any upgrades are carried out via simple software updates, not via expensive hardware replacement
Our system consists of a network of LED lights and smart sensors, connected to an advanced analytics platform. Data is collected 65 times per second, to monitor environmental and occupancy changes and automatically adjusts the lighting in real-time.

The system considers environmental conditions such as space, daylight interaction and types of activities, to achieve maximum returns on your lighting installation, saving you ~90% on lighting energy.

By adding wireless switches, you can dim and adapt lighting in specific spaces – meeting rooms, classrooms – as needed for comfort.

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