LED & Smart Lighting Solutions

LEDs are the key to driving down energy consumption and costs.

CILS focus on the sustainable, future-proof and energy-efficient management of buildings.

Up to 90% of the energy used by lights is wasted resulting in significant unnecessary spending. With LED and advanced lighting controls at the core of our solutions, we save you this energy.

We specialise in complete lighting redesign, including automated emergency lighting systems – compliant, fully self-testing, and self-reporting.

We’ve done hundreds of installations across all key sectors. Our data from smart sensors shows clearly that lighting upgrades are the key to saving energy and costs whilst improving the working environment.

Including smart lighting controls as part of your LED upgrade is also the best way to future-proof your building. It enables you to digitalise the whole building and collect valuable data to further improve the efficiency of other building systems.


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Why LED Lighting?

Advanced Lighting Control

IoT-driven Energy Optimisation

CILS not only implement LED lighting, we also integrate Internet of Things (IoT) sensors into each LED. This creates a wireless smart infrastructure for the whole building, ensuring that:

  • the lights are never on when they’re not needed
  • they’ll dim/brighten up to make the most of natural daylight
  • you only use what you need, and the lighting always feels comfortable and natural
  • no more switching – saving you time and labour
  • you have the option for more savings with fully automated emergency lighting
  • you’re gathering data that helps to optimise your building further as technology advances
  • upgrades are carried out via simple software updates, not expensive hardware replacement
Our system consists of a network of LED lights and embedded smart sensors, connected to an advanced analytics platform. The sensors record energy consumption, light level, temperature and occupancy for data-driven decision-making.

Data is collected constantly to monitor environmental and occupancy changes and adjust the light output, in real-time.

The system considers environmental conditions such as space, daylight interaction and different types of activities. This not only achieves the greatest level of comfort but also maximum return on your installation, saving you ~90% on lighting energy.

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