Smart Building & Energy Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) controls and smart sensor technology goes way beyond lighting control and energy savings. We deploy sensors in every light fitting.

Data received can be used to track assets, optimise the workplace environment and see a real-time view of how space is being utilised throughout your building.

CILS works with our customers to design, install and manage systems. We integrate the systems and using the power of smart sensors we look to reduce operating costs, lower carbon emissions and improve building efficiency.​

Our goals are:
  1. reduce your operating costs
  2. increase efficiency
  3. provide you valuable data-driven insights
  4. lower global carbon emissions
  5. enhance building users experience and comfort

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LED Lighting

Lighting is one of the core areas where energy is wasted. CILS focus on LED lighting and sensor installation ensuring you maximise your energy efficiency.

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Smart Controls

The integration of  smart sensors massively improves your ability to maximise energy efficiency and manage space and energy costs. It also provides actionable data.

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Solar Panels

We guide your organisation through the complex process of deciding when, where and how. We design and install the most appropriate solar panel systems.

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Sustainable Heating

We at CILS, work with our clients to survey, specify and install technologies to make their heating infrastructure sustainable and cost efficient.

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Consultancy & Design

Smart building is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. It’s a complex process. CILS works around your specific needs.

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CILS will outline best funding options for all new projects. We offer zero capital option, and can assist in grant funding – we have a great deal of experience.

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Alternative Solutions

The implementation of clean technology is essential for reducing global CO2 emissions. It’s also helping your efforts to reduce energy use and save £.

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How We Work

In the first instance we profile your energy consumption and carry out a physical survey and laser scan of the building(s). We assess where your savings lie.

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