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Clean Technology

The implementation of clean technology is essential for reducing global CO2 emissions and can prove to be a valuable asset to any building, with lower operating costs and achieving net zero ambitions.

Having the ability to generate power on-site means less dependency on the grid, giving you security of energy and, undoubtedly, reflects your commitment to both your corporate and social responsibilities.

CILS can guide your business or organisation through the complex world of clean technology and our in-house team can design and install a system that works seamlessly with your smart building infrastructure.

Solar PV Systems

Battery Energy Storage


Battery Energy Storage

Store excess energy for self consumption and grid balancing

The installation of a battery energy storage system provides additional energy security and can generate revenue for your organisation.

Charge your batteries using cheaper electricity during the night and discharge for self-consumption at peak times and realise your energy savings.

If your organisation has solar installed, excess energy produced by the sun can be stored for use at a later date. Contracts are also available via energy aggregators who will buy your excess energy.

Electric Vehicle Smart Charging

Charging infrastructure for employees and visitors

With the UK government announcing that there will be a ban on sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, the need for electric vehicle charging points is increasing rapidly.

The move to electric vehicles is a positive step toward achieving net zero, but the transition could be problematic if there is a shortage of charging points.

CILS can help your business become EV ready by designing and installing smart charging infrastructure systems.

Electric Vehicle Smart Charging

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