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Managing commercial properties while ensuring the safety, comfort, and productivity of occupants can be a daunting and costly task, especially during a financial crisis. At CILS, we understand the challenges faced by FM companies, and we provide tailored solutions to help them reduce energy and maintenance costs while enhancing building performance and occupant experience.

CILS expertise in implementing smart lighting systems and solar panels for commercial properties managed by leading brands like Siemens, Keysight Technologies, and CBRE is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovation. We are now offering our cost-effective and cash-positive solutions to commercial property owners as a service, with zero capital cost.

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We deliver smart commercial lighting, solar PV, and smart building solutions, ideal for offices and commercial properties, cash-flow positively:

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90% Energy Reduction

Reduce lighting energy use, carbon emissions, and related costs by 90% with smart commercial lighting solutions.

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Solar panels for commercial buildings offer a renewable source of energy that can shield you from future energy price increases.

Sustainability & Net Zero

Reach net zero with comprehensive and actionable decarbonisation plans tailored by our certified energy engineers.

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Operational Efficiency

IoT enables commercial buildings to operate more efficiently via optimising lighting, HVAC, BMS, space use, and more.

How can you apply this to your commercial real estate portfolio?

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Smart Energy-saving Solutions for Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

CILS turn buildings ‘smart’ via a smart lighting upgrade. Smart buildings leverage IoT and sensor technology to optimise energy usage and enhance the building’s performance. CILS offers a range of smart building solutions that improve energy efficiency while providing additional benefits.

Imagine an office building where lights, heating, and cooling are all automatically adjusted based on occupancy and area requirements, and small power outlets are automatically turned off when not in use. With our customised solutions, you can access data on space use, key assets or staff movement, room temperature. In addition, a smart lighting system is not only 90% more energy efficient but can also ensure the emergency lighting is up to regulation by automating monthly and annual compliance testing and reporting.

Our team works with you to improve your FM experience and your tenants’ comfort and satisfaction while reducing energy usage and maintenance costs. CILS provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for commercial property owners and managers in the UK.

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<strong>Lower energy costs from lighting and small power</strong>

LED lighting greatly lowers costs and, if combined with smart controls and smart sensors, light levels can adjust automatically to occupancy and/or daylight settings; plug-load controllers can even switch off non-essential outlets.

<strong>Save on heating and cooling</strong>

Realise more, significant savings, by using smart sensors to adapt to the heating or cooling requirements in unoccupied spaces.

<strong>Decarbonised heating</strong>

Integrate decarbonised heating systems, such as air source heat pumps, to reduce your CO2 emissions.

<strong>Reduce maintenance costs</strong>

No need to constantly change light bulbs, with the installation of smart controlled LED lighting. Using smart sensors, you can plan the cleaning schedules to match your room sizes and levels of occupancy.

Emergency lighting can also be integrated to enable smart, automated testing, reducing the need for manual inspections.

<strong>Increase staff productivity and comfort</strong>

Optimise light and temperature in offices and meeting rooms, to create comfortable, working environments – all year round.

<strong>Analyse space utilisation in real-time</strong>

Identify occupied and unoccupied areas for energy savings and safety; use data-driven information to determine the best use of space.

<strong>Solar PV</strong>

Generate onsite electricity, to lower energy costs and demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to net zero.

<strong>Access valuable data-driven insight</strong>
Smart sensors and IoT systems go way beyond reducing energy consumption. Actual energy use measurement, basic heat-mapping, real-time location services, asset tracking – all can improve commercial buildings’ security and provide valuable data for building management analysis.

This is a solid basis for data-driven decision-making, future upgrades and building optimisation.

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