CILS make buildings smarter, cheaper to run, and more energy efficient, and can help your business:

  • save 90% on lighting energy bills
  • future-proof your premises with solar PV and state-of-the-art IoT solutions
  • enjoy immediate cash benefit with zero-capital solutions
  • get to net zero with unrivalled engineering expertise in energy efficiency and carbon reduction

Our solutions are genuinely affordable – most of our ‘as a service’ projects are cash positive from day one.

LED Lighting

CILS specialise in designing and implementing LED and advanced smart controls, maximising energy efficiency and saving up to 90%.

Smart Controls

Smart sensors & IoT significantly improve energy efficiency and the building environment by managing lighting, heating, space and more.

Solar Panels

Solar PV gives you 100% renewable energy, for own use. Our solutions decide the best size array for your long-term financial benefit.

Sustainable Heating

CILS design and install decarbonised technologies, making our clients’ heating systems vastly more sustainable and efficient.


  • kWh energy saved
  • £ cost saved
  • tonnes of CO2e saved

Most of our clients save circa 90% on their lighting energy. Their savings are going up with each passing moment. So could yours.



Each of us, in our unusual team, cares deeply about our future on this planet. Protecting the environment and reducing our collective carbon footprint, is what drives us forward.

Our vision – long term.

Our goal – achieve the best and most sustainable solution for our clients.


Luton Borough Council
As strategic energy manager for Luton Council, my priority is to deliver energy savings here and now, whilst seeking to future proof our public sector and school buildings.
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