The future of buildings

At CILS, we firmly believe that technology can play a major role in addressing some of the pressing issues of our time, including the climate crisis, energy crisis, and inefficiencies in building management.

You may be surprised to learn just how advanced smart building technology is today. We recommend watching a TEDx talk by Niko Kavakiotis from Enlighted to gain a deeper understanding of how smart sensors can create truly intelligent and sensing buildings, making our workplaces more comfortable, reducing stress for nurses, and making bills more manageable.

Smart buildings collect data from sensors that can be placed in different locations, including inside light fittings.
Advanced sensors have a processing capacity of a 1st generation iPhone.
Sensors are placed in a wide range of locations, for example:
Smart building can provide asset tracking via tags and badges.
The smart sensors can gather a range of data, from detailed energy consumption, changes in light or temperature levels etc.
This data enables the building owner to make data-driven decisions and add value in different ways.

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