How schools can reduce energy costs

For most schools, energy is the second largest cost, after staff, in their budget. With constantly rising energy prices, keeping the lights on and the heating running, is taking an increasing proportion of school funds.

Budgets have never been under as much pressure as they are today. Finding extra cash to make the necessary improvements that will reduce energy consumption and save the school money, seems like an impossible task. No matter how much it makes sense.

Budget certainty & peace of mind

Partnered with Enlighted, a Siemens Group Company, we have a solution. Our state-of-the-art technology dramatically reduces schools’ energy consumption, which protects the budget from further energy price rises.

We can do this, at no capital cost to your school.

Our energy efficient smart building solutions include a full warranty for 10 years. In many cases, we’ll reduce your operating costs to below the current level and keep them there for the next 10 years.

In an increasingly volatile world, we can give you peace of mind and some budget certainty.

Turn wasted energy into savings

The majority of schools in the UK were built before energy reduction became a priority. Up to 90% of energy consumed by old lighting equipment is wasted. The lighting alone can contribute to over half of a school’s energy bills. Outdated heating systems are another culprit.

The most effective way for schools to reduce the cost, improve the teaching environment and reduce C02 emissions, is to upgrade their lighting and heating and utilise on-site green energy production.

This is what we can deliver for you – today.

Our engineers identify where energy is wasted and turn it into savings. We offer our turnkey services with a government approved funding option – with no capital or upfront costs for schools.

Sustainable & future-proof technology

Last year, CILS completed more than twenty school installations. This has included fully automated LED lighting, solar panel, and air source heat pump installations, plus roadmaps for complete decarbonisation.

Typically, lighting energy consumption will be reduced by circa 90%. Combined with onsite clean energy production, we can reduce the lighting energy load to zero.

With successfully completed projects ranging from NHS hospitals to educational, industrial & commercial applications, the system is tried and tested.

In the UK, the Enlighted IoT system is the only one approved by the NHS. Globally, it’s the system of choice for tech companies including Microsoft and Google.

Our engineers are experts in sustainability, smart tech and the energy market trends. With buildings performance feedback collated from data on the loT system, we can further advise you on measures to take, moving forward, when more opportunities for carbon reduction become available.

Any further optimisation decisions made will be rooted in solid data and expertise.

“…I’ve rarely worked with any team that’s been better”

We plan our installation schedule around school requirements. Minimising disruption is as important to us, as it is to our clients.

During an interview, Craig Essam from Bramingham Primary School recalled his experience.

Initially, his head teacher was concerned about potential disruption, caused by the works. But as we worked out-of-hours and showed the utmost respect to the school environment, there were virtually no signs of our teams having been in – apart from the obviously new lighting!

Nowadays, tweaks to his school lighting are done online. “I make a phone call and, via the computer system, they can actually do all the adjustments remotely.”

The installation team and our after-care, have made such a strong impression on him that he went on to say, “The truth is, worker wise, I’ve rarely worked with any team that’s been better.”

Do you want to improve your school, without capital investment?

CILS have completed dozens of school smart lighting and solar PV projects, savings these schools millions on their electricity bills. We offer lighting and solar PV ‘as a service’, with most of our solutions cash flow positive from day one.

We provide complete peace of mind – maintenance, servicing, testing, and reporting – all are included for the duration of the contract.

Get in touch if you want to reduce your energy bills and protect your budget against future energy price increases.

Kelly Meiessaar

Kelly Meiessaar

Kelly joined CILS from the charity sector. She knew that, although charitable causes help millions of people in the UK, preventative climate action is more urgent.

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