The Enlighted IoT system

The Enlighted system enables the buildings to become ‘intelligent’. Enlighted sensors are over engineered to ensure longevity and to future proof the facility. The sensors measure ambient light, motion (PIR), energy consumption and temperature, as well as providing Bluetooth capability and wireless connectivity.

The sensors are installed, typically, in each light fitting. Including the non-maintained emergency fittings if required.

Although delivered via the lighting, the system provides an intelligent data spine throughout the building(s) to enable and support other energy performance and building intelligence measures.

The system measures the actual energy consumption of each connected light fitting. This is not an estimated energy saving – it is an actual measurement. Data can be accessed by fitting, by area or for the entire building(s).

The average measured lighting energy saving resulting from an LED and Enlighted IoT installation exceeds 90%.

The system can interface with other technologies – such as smart radiator controls and ‘plug load’ controllers – providing further energy savings.

The system – although fully stand-alone – can integrate with BMS systems via BACnet if required.

The Enlighted system has the added benefit of being owned by one of the largest companies in the world – Siemens. The majority of ‘control’ systems delivered via lighting installations are designed to support the core business of the company concerned – typically the sale of further light fittings. The Enlighted system is designed to provide intelligent building control through the collection and analysis of data. As such, the system is open source requiring D4I compliant drivers to operate.

The system is inherently user friendly. Whilst we encourage clients to take an interest in how the system works and provide system training, CILS would provide full support throughout the service period – including any client requested adjustments and software updates as and when applicable.

The system is approved and used by Google, Microsoft and the NHS.


The Enlighted IoT system

chris knight

Chris Knight

Chris is an advocate of future proof technology to address the climate crises. In 2011, he founded CILS to deliver energy efficiency, initially through LED lighting solutions. His primary drive now is helping clients achieve net zero profitably, and if possible, with a net positive contribution.

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