Reduce energy, carbon and your electricity bills

Beat rising energy prices, with no capital outlay

High energy prices are here to stay. Our state-of-the-art technology, provided as a service, will:

1. zero your lighting energy consumption
2. meet your carbon reduction targets
3. protect your budget at zero capital cost

Protect your budgets against rising bills

Our automated LED lighting, IoT, solar panels, EV chargers and more, will slash your energy consumption.

Zero capital required. No upfront costs

With our fixed fee service agreement, most projects are cashflow positive from day one.

Be part of the climate solution

Our smart IoT solutions will zero your lighting carbon emissions and dramatically improve your environmental footprint.

Improve your wellbeing & comfort

On demand lighting with no glare or flicker, perfectly balanced, improving the working environment, staff wellness and productivity.

Smarter Building – IoT solutions for a sustainable future

LED lighting icon

Smart LED Lighting

Energy-efficient LEDs with embedded smart controls can save you 90% on your lighting. Our system also automates emergency testing and reporting.

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Advanced Smart Controls

Wireless technology constantly adjusts your lighting to optimise energy use. Additional features can enhance and future-proof your building further.

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Solar Panels

Off-set your residual lighting electricity load with your own solar power and further benefit financially.

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Sustainable Heating

Decarbonise your building’s heating system with air source or ground source heat pumps. Quit using oil and gas – for good!

100s of successful installations with happy clients

We take pride in delivering the best quality equipment and customer service.
Want to hear from our clients directly? 3 local authority schools are sharing their experiences – including the headteacher of, now the greenest school in Luton.



How much can I save?

Talk to our specialist team to identify where your biggest energy savings lie and calculate how much you could save.

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