Doing the right thing, now

Whilst the debate over climate change was resolved some time ago – action to deal with it has been slower. It’s the usual problem. The challenges of climate change, at least in the UK, are still seen as being on the far horizon and maybe, just maybe, the problems are being exaggerated.

Dealing with today’s problems pushes climate change action and expenditure into the ‘important’ but not ‘essential’ category. And for many, this is exactly what has happened. It’s an obvious truth that things that are apparently free are less valuable than those that are expensive or in scarce supply.

How else can obvious waste be explained? The signs are plain to see – lights left on, heating on and windows wide open, car engines left running while stationery, food waste – and that’s just in my house!

The sharp increase in energy prices provides a painful but powerful incentive to do the right thing. Reducing energy consumption as much as possible aligns commercial interest with the need to take immediate climate change action.

When looking at energy-saving projects, rather than being pleased with saving 50% or 60% or even 70% of energy use – the question that should be asked is – why can’t we save more?

The right thing for the bottom line, and our planet

How much will it cost, to leave that much energy unsaved?

A point-for-point LED replacement upgrade will typically reduce lighting energy consumption by 40 – 60%. Adding IoT controls to the upgrade will increase the energy reduction to as much as 90%.

Looked at another way, a point-for-point LED replacement project carried out when energy prices were around 16p per kWh will mean that the energy lighting bill will, in all probability, be as before the work took place.

That missed opportunity to maximise energy savings will become increasingly expensive as prices continue to rise.

Doing the right thing for the climate – has never made more sense for the bottom line.

chris knight

Chris Knight

Chris is an advocate of future-proof technology to address the climate crisis. In 2011, he founded CILS to deliver energy efficiency, initially through LED lighting solutions. His primary drive now is helping clients achieve net zero profitably, and if possible, with a net positive contribution.

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